What does Doodads do?

Doodads is a promotional products company created specifically to help businesses find the perfect advertising product for every occasion.

Michelle McCullough started Doodads back in 1999. Doodads is a local business with the full backing of its parent company, Newton Manufacturing, which has been around since 1909. Michelle gives you a personal touch while handling your order on a professional level.

Doodads has been serving Utah and West Coast businesses for 10 years and will be around for years to come. In addition, Michelle's 15 years in professional advertising gives Doodads an added value to you as you select your promotional products. She doesn't just care about selling you something, she wants the product you choose to match your already established image. Doodads can help you create a theme for everything from your letterhead to your tradeshow giveaways.

Doodads can imprint, embroider, emboss and print your logo on thousands of items from t-shirts to slinkys, balloons to table cloths, pens to mugs, golf balls to lanyards. Doodads can help you buy any promotional product, including name brand items like Columbia Jackets, Bic Pens, Post-it Notepads, Swiss Army Pocket Knifes, Titleist Golf balls, and more.

Promotional products and advertising specialties are perfect for: Tradeshow giveaways, Employee Incentives, Thank you and Holiday gifts for clients and staff. But more than anything, Doodads can make your business tangible and exciting for current and prospective customers.

Everyone knows that putting your logo on your promotional item is imperative, but here are a couple of mistakes people commonly make when purchasing promotional products:

  1. They choose a product that doesn't match their core business

  2. They don't select a product with staying power. Many items, although inexpensive, will be quickly thrown away. Choose a product people use and keep.

What can Doodads do for you? Call us today and let us help you find the right promotional product to fit your business. 801.592.1101

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