41 Random Promotional Items Under $1.00

by doodads on 2011-02-15 15:07:09

I am frequently asked about promotional product ideas under $1.00. I have compiled a list our most popular products for less than a buck.


key chain

bike bottles
stadium cups
can coolers
piggy banks
wooden nickels

business card magnets
magnetic calendars

wall calendars
letter openers
nail files

gum ($.21 each and less depending on quantity)
ice scraper
bag clips

plastic bags
plastic business card cases
adhesive notepads

microwave popcorn bags
crazy putty eggs
rubber duckies
golf tees
bag tags

shaped fly swatters

Remember that that REALLY is just the beginning. Remember that we imprint on over 850,000 products. We have items by industry like gardening, automotive, banking, manufacturing, education and more!

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