Lower Minimum Quantities

by doodads on 2011-02-15 15:15:09

A question I get asked every day: What's the minimum quantity?


The minimum quantity depends on the product and typically the cheaper the product the higher the minimum quantity.  For example, pens that are under a dollar tend to have a minimum quantity in the 200-500 range (depending on the pen).  But if you're buying duffle bags around $20 each, then you can sometimes get only 24.

Though that's not a hard, fast rule it's good to know when considering your purchase. This information can be found in the Idea Book and Catalog or in any quote I send your way.  

Also know that when companies are clearing out a specific product they will often bring down the minimum for one reason or another.

Leed's is one such company.  Some of the products found here have quantities as low as 12.  Which is SUPER nice.  (In addition to the low minimum quantities, they also have products anywhere from 3-50% off!) Looking for a small quantity?  Check out Leed's.  I just used them to get a new promotional product for my own business (the cool steno book found above).

If you find something you're interested in, give me a call!